Welcome to Hotel International

Hotel International is set at the city entrance. Its locations will give you the chance to take advantage of all the amenities avaiable in this area.

In the Summer time you will surely enjoy taking wonderful walks into the woods, to the lakeside promenade, and along the countryside paths or making trips to Austria, Slovenia and to Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia’s highly artistic cities.

Tennis courts, golf courses, the city centre, the church, and several shops are not far away and it will take you just a few minutes to reach them on foot.

Our Rooms

The hotel has 30 comfortable rooms, all with television and private.

Rooms well suited to accommodate families and groups travel in search of a peaceful stay.

Tarvisio and surroundings...

Place of connoted transit millenarian and from a particularly incontaminato only atmosphere and, the Valcanale is one of the places culturally more heterogenous of the entire peninsula. Main center of the Valcanale, the city of Tarvisio rises encircled from the greatest forest of Italy.

The city offers pleasant walks, numerous artistic-cultural suggestion and possibilities of fun. On all, the Lussari mount: an exceptional panoramic point and center of an important sanctuary theatre of history and legend.