Tarvisio: Summer and Winter

Place of connoted transit millenarian and from a particularly incontaminato only atmosphere and, the Valcanale is one of the places culturally more heterogenous of the entire peninsula. Main center of the Valcanale, the city of Tarvisio rises encircled from the greatest forest of Italy.

The city offers pleasant walks, numerous artistic-cultural suggestion and possibilities of fun. On all, the Lussari mount: an exceptional panoramic point and center of an important sanctuary theatre of history and legend.

Tarvisio’s summer: The region of Tarvisio offers opportunities for sport relax and fun in a quiet breathtaking background in direct contact with nature.

Tarvisio’s winter: Welcome to the marvelous winter-paradise of ski right in the heart of the Alpi Orientali To all of you, fans of down-hill skiing; cross-country skiing, touring skiing, to all snowboarders and excursionists, the curtain goes up to discover wintertime in Tarvisiano Fantasyland: at dawn the crystals of snow sparkle and reflect their light on the remarkable rocks and peaks of the crystal pale mountains: the Dolomites all colored in white.

From Lussari to Canin ski slope: in Tarvisio you can ski surrounded by enchanting landscapes and glorious ski slopes. Where the most famous skiers have competed or the championship.

A place where sport such as sled dog and cross country Ski mean a way of living and enjoyng life in touch with nature Hotel International is distant 150 m from ski lopes.